The importance of keeping your composure and 6 ways to keep it

Keeping your composure can be a challenge. The good news is that there are ways and means to help you maintain it. Click through for six quick tips

Composure. A fundamental Iron Quality and a key component of living like a boss. But what exactly is it? Composure is the feeling of being calm and in control of yourself and your emotions. But here’s the thing – much like the G-Spot, composure can be elusive and slippery. Keeping your composure in a world that does its best to make … Read more

Conor McGregor: A Man of Iron Qualities

Conor McGregor can teach us a lot about being a man. Intrigued?? Click through to see what I'm talking about

McGregor. He’s so hot right now. McGregor. Back in July 2016 it was reported that the UFC had been sold to the WME-IMG Group for something in the region of $4bn. A huge sum of money – this is the biggest franchise sale in sports history. Some journey for an organisation that was once described as ‘human cockfighting’. And when … Read more

The fear of getting punched and five things you can do about it

Fear of Getting Punched Featured

My good friend Mike Black once said something that stuck with me: “The fear of getting punched in the face is worse than the punch itself.” I’ve thought about that from time to time since he said it. And you know what – he’s absolutely right.     And why are we afraid of getting punched? It’s the thought of … Read more

The Fallen at the Somme

The Fallen at the Somme Featured

There have been many men is history who had Iron Qualities – those characteristics that make real men. And sometimes, they die too soon before they can really make their mark on the world. I’m taking an opportunity to stop, reflect and remember a generation lost before they could really become men in their own right. The fallen at the Battle … Read more

Be like water

Be a River

A man should be like water No – I haven’t joined a hippy commune and gone all New Age on you. But…a man should be like water? Bear with me…. Once when I was in Milan, me and the boys went to a restaurant in the Navigli District. The Naviglio Grande canal runs through the area and there is also a large … Read more